Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 11 - Woomera to Renmark

Shouldn't of had those last 3 beers... Bit dusty this morning and to make matters worse the weather had turned on us. We'd had a good run but it was over. It had rained over night and my gear was wet through, the wind was blowing a gale and the cloud cover meant it wasn't going to get warm any time soon. Oh well, off we go.

We got to Port Augusta around 10:30 and decided it was time to eat. Good old Hungry Jacks filled us up. As we sat and ate the rain began to come down... Bugger... And it didn't stop. We pushed ourselves pretty hard today. The rain was cold and neither of us had waterproof gloves. We pulled up every hour to try and thaw out a little bit. There was a couple of picnic areas with barbeques that did a good job of heating us up. And the hand dryers in the public toilets were great. We rolled into Renmark finally and looked for a place to stay. With the rain not letting up and our gear already wet we headed straight for the first Motel we found.

They let the water in, but not out...

Absolute bliss, heater, beds, TV, showers, and places to hang our riding gear. Copious amounts of coffee and then dinner before an earlyish night. The heater was awesome.

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