Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nearly there.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? It would be nice if it happened now.
The last few nights have been spent going over the bike and seeing what I'd put on the back burner and then forgotten about and some general maintenance. Oil change done, bike back together. Bike wont idle... GREAT!. Bike back apart, carby out, carby stripped, no issues... Bike back together, flat battery... GRRRR! At least I'm getting this out of the way now...

Right, bike sorted except for the front sprocket. Trent will bring the socket for the sprocket on Monday. First aid kit, packing, tunes, sorted - mostly. Tomorrow morning will entail packing everything I will take and writing a list of what I don't have. A quick trip to the shops to fill in the blanks and then to spend the last couple of days with Bec and the girls. Hopefully the girls will remember who I am when I get back...

Updates over the next couple of weeks will be sporadic and brief at best. I will be keeping a trip diary and taking plenty of photos along the way. Get ready for the best ride report ever written... by me... upon our return.

You can keep an eye on our progress here

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nice Rack 2

Trent's racks are finally finished.
I like the white. What do you think?
If you look closely at the first photos you can see another completed item, the front screen.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Spooning leads to forking.

Preventative maintenance time. Fork seals and new oil.

Look at that, it all went back together with nothing left over.

A quick tidy up and pose for the cameras.

Nice rack...

Trent had a light bulb moment and realised he would have to carry luggage and set about crafting some racks.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Time is running out...

Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic,...

So I changed the fork seals last weekend but I didn't have my manual with me and was unsure of the fork oil volume required. I packed them up and took them home. Cruising through the manual looking for oil volumes I found the exploded view of the forks. Handy as I didn't take too much notice of which way the compression needles came out... Then I noticed the springs that go with the needles. I didn't notice them when I pulled the forks down. A quick search and I can assure you they were not there when stripped down... Bugger... Who ever did these forks last, you are an idiot.

There they are...

Oops. Forgot something.

New shorties.

I had the seat widened at the rear. About an inch and a half wider over all. Hopefully a bit more comfortable.

All back together.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sponsored by Mastercard...

A little spending spree has me in budget hot water...

Tyres - Check
Fork seals - Check
Fork oil - Check
Chain and sprockets - Check
wheel bearings - Check
UHD tubes - Check
Tyre sealant - Check
Spare gear, clutch & brake levers - Check
Gotcha straps - Check

Only a couple more small items left... I promise...

I got hold of a second hand rear tyre to destroy on the bitumen run up to Ayres Rock. Once there I have a nice new Mitas E09 to go on right before we hit the dirt/sand.

Friday, 9 May 2014

As Barnesy would say

I gotcha, thought you got away now didn't cha...

Tarting up the PrincesS

Trent set about wearing out his Mastercard. At least he's getting his exercise by pushing his luck...

Have you packed yet?

Better make sure everything fits.

Couple of things I ordered.

The PrincesS

Trent found a replacement bike that suited his needs. A 2009 DRZ400S with low k's and enough scratches and scrapes to allow him not to worry about dropping it.



Isn't she pretty...

Time for the little bits and pieces

Placed my order for tyres, wheel bearings, chain and sprockets, and fork seals. These will come in ready for Saturday. Cool. Now to strip the bike down ready for fitment.


I made sure to only use the tools that I was taking on the trip.


And a quick valve gap check while I was on a roll.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Got you covered Mate!

With Trent's tendency to fall off weighing heavily on my mind, I decided it best to renew my First Aid certificate. I spent Sunday in the caring hands of Accident Scene Management Australia covering off on old skills and picking up some new ones.


With there focus directly on First Aid for motorcycle accidents I can highly recommend their courses.