Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nearly there.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? It would be nice if it happened now.
The last few nights have been spent going over the bike and seeing what I'd put on the back burner and then forgotten about and some general maintenance. Oil change done, bike back together. Bike wont idle... GREAT!. Bike back apart, carby out, carby stripped, no issues... Bike back together, flat battery... GRRRR! At least I'm getting this out of the way now...

Right, bike sorted except for the front sprocket. Trent will bring the socket for the sprocket on Monday. First aid kit, packing, tunes, sorted - mostly. Tomorrow morning will entail packing everything I will take and writing a list of what I don't have. A quick trip to the shops to fill in the blanks and then to spend the last couple of days with Bec and the girls. Hopefully the girls will remember who I am when I get back...

Updates over the next couple of weeks will be sporadic and brief at best. I will be keeping a trip diary and taking plenty of photos along the way. Get ready for the best ride report ever written... by me... upon our return.

You can keep an eye on our progress here

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