Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunshine, lolly pops, and rainbows...

What a glorious day for a ride.
Sun shining, no wind, leave pass, and all the V8 fans safely tucked away at home watching the race, drinking beer, and arguing about which one of their cousins they should marry.

The leave pass was granted by getting up to our strangely nocturnal children, cooking breakfast and giving the minister of war and finance a sleep in.

Having spent the last couple of months extremely busy at work, the little ones being sick, weekend work, and the odd social function it was nice to have a weekend relatively free to get on the bike. I'd spent some time on maintenance and mucking around with a new headlight setup, which I’ve abandoned, and finally had a complete bike again. It was as if the bike gods were smiling upon me. Little did I realise I was just a pawn in their sick little game...

I sorted all my gear, got dressed, started the bike, got the tunes going, jumped on, closed the garage, and was on my way. GOD THIS FEELS GOOOOOD!!! Down the street, onto the freeway, merge into traffic (all 4cyl... no V8's), check my speed... 0kph... BUGGER. Back home to diagnose. Broken speedo cable... The appropriate sacrifices had not been made...

Now I know many would have just said "Stuff it, I'm going for a ride" and I nearly did myself. Then I remembered I live in Victoria and with the new L Platter laws requiring Hi-Vis and, wait for it, the headlight to always be on (I thought that was an ADR requirement but obviously the Victorian Government knows better) I just quadrupled my chances of being pulled over. There was probably already a cop car sitting at the end of my street waiting for me...(I'm not an L plater, but that would not be a valid argument).

Admitting defeat, I reached for the fridge and switched on the TV to watch Bathurst. After many beers and subsequent arguments over which of my cousins was the most marriage worthy, all I can say is GO FORD!!!

There will be other weekends.

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