Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A little bit of background...

I have had the pleasure of riding bikes since I was about 4. Got my first bike at 7 and many more since.

Trent, a recent convert to the motorcycle faith, finally succumbed to my near constant belittling about being less of a man as he doesn’t have at least 1 motorcycle and got his licence and purchased a 2011 DRZ400SM.

With my normal  avenue of teasing now gone I set about suggesting goals that I thought would leave him bewildered and my teasing could begin again…

I suggested we should do the APC Rally in 2015. It’s only 6000km in 2 weeks I said. Mostly offroad. You’ll learn quick I said. You’ll be a pro in no time I said. Imagine my surprise when he said yes…

Over the next couple of months we planned in earnest. Got the leave pass granted by the Ministers of War and Finance, Trent started turning his SM into a dirt weapon and I started looking for a suitable bike…

Trent and his beautiful Wife Theresa along with their 2 gorgeous kids paid My beautiful Wife Rebecca, myself and our gorgeous kids a visit in December last year and together we longed to get going. Flicking through the latest Adventure Rider Magazine searching for inspiration when suddenly it hit us “No Fucking APC in 2015!!!”

After drinking solidly for at least 30 minutes (The older we get the better… we were…) We decided on creating our own trip to see a few things neither of us had seen before.

This blog was started late into the prep stage… Sorry… The next few posts will get you up to speed with where we are at and then I’ll keep it updated regularly.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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