Monday, 24 February 2014

The test run

Right, So we decided to drag our families off camping for a couple of nights to allow us to test run our steeds and see what was lacking. Was an excellent idea to remove ourselves from the cars. A very quite trip…

As you can see in this photo I had purchased a front fender tool bag.


Brilliant idea, easy to get to when needed. Doesn’t take up any bag space. So I loaded it up with the start of my tool kit for the trip.


Plus some Locktite, metal mend, puncture kit etc…


The bag and those tools are some where in this pic… Fucking stupid idea. I loved those tools…

Anyway… We all met up at The Great Aussie Caravan park just out of Albury and a great weekend was had by all.


First time camper. She loved it.


What are you looking at?


I am soooo sunburnt, hungover and tired. It’s all the chicken wings fault… Dodgy chicken wings…

The added benefit of this trip is Trent brought my Safari tank, rear spring and a few other items that we had bulk purchased.

The ride home was good. What wasn’t good was finding an oil leak under my bike. Will deal with that in the next post.

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