Saturday, 1 March 2014

Quick Saturday outing

Got a leave pass this morning to head out and see how the bike handles with 40+ liters of petrol and the new suspension setup.

Just a quick 200 K's through the forest. The weather looks bad but I managed to dodge the rain.

With the suspension tweaks and the new spring I am quite happy with how it handles. On road it is far more planted and less twitchy. 2 more clicks on the Low Speed Compression and 1 more on the rebound will have it just right I reckon. Off road it handled the bumps far better with the extra weight although I wouldn't be punting it down single trail at any great rate of knots.

There were loads of campers down by O'Briens Crossing. Will have to get out there one day and secure a camp for the night. Looks to be a lovely place to camp.

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