Saturday, 1 March 2014

The boingy bits

With the new spring in I thought I'd take a look at how the suspension was setup. To start with I wanted to see If I could get a decent ride out of the nearly stock setup by playing with the clickers.

Rear Shock;

The rear was incredibly soft with the old spring which explains why the High Speed Compression was wound up to it's hardest setting. Low speed compression was set at the standard rate as was the rebound.

To fix this I put the High Speed Compression to 11 clicks out with the Low Speed Compression and Rebound staying at the same settings.

Front Forks;

Front forks were all at factory settings which surprised me. The front always felt a bit hard but was a bit tough to gauge as the rear was so soft.

I softened the front Compression by 2 clicks and left the rebound where it was.

I'm of for a ride soon to see how this setup feels. Wish me luck.

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