Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 2 - Renmark to Woomera

After a surprisingly good night sleep we woke to an over cast morning that wasn't too cool. A few things got rearranged on the bikes as we packed up. Trent started the trip long tradition of being the first to start packing but the last to be ready. We got away a little later then we had planned but the day was young. Starting the day in a different state really made it sink in. We were on HOLIDAYS!

A renovators delight...

I think we're going the right way... Let me just check Google maps...

Just before getting to Burra, Trent disappeared from my mirror. "Bugger" I thought, "Surely he hasn't fallen off already". A quick U-turn and back over the last hill brought the welcome sight that he had not fallen off but run out of petrol. Trent was madly leaning his bike over to get all the fuel to the left hand side of the tank where it could be used. Interestingly Trent's 'S' was using more petrol than my 'E'.

Breakfast/Lunch at Burra. Great bakery, yummy pies. The lady behind the counter did extremely well to remember the 20 different pies we ordered... What?... we were hungry...
The rolling green hills around Burra were an awesome sight. I imagined Bilbo Baggins running around there somewhere. If only I'd stopped and taken a photo... 

Mt Remarkable was indeed.

Once we hit Crystal Brook it was a straight run up the highway to Woomera with a quick stop off in Port Augusta.

The Grey Nomads congregated at Spuds roadhouse

We check in to the 'Woomera Traveller's Village & Caravan Park' and setup camp. We were very chuffed to find the bar open just as we finished setting up. A couple of drinks and then over to the kitchen area for some SPAM and Beans... We were chatting to this old fella who was travelling with his son in law. They were off to Birdsville for a beer. Trent believes that while they were away his stuff was getting moved into a retirement home. I felt sorry for him until we started talking about the Asian guy that was walking down the highway pulling his gear behind him on a trolley. Mammoth effort but according to the old fella, he was obviously a spy... back to the bar...

This place was great. The drinks were very reasonably priced and the owners were great entertainment as the night drew on.

 My 3 year old daughter drew me a map for the trip. Had to tell her it worked.

An early night, thanks to the drinks, and a good recharge for the following days.

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