Sunday, 13 July 2014

Day 3 - Woomera to Marla

I must remember to do up my self inflating mattress before I get in. I must remember to do up my self inflating mattress before I get in. I must remember to do up my self inflating mattress before I get in.

Up bright and early, actually dark and early. We wanted an early start to allow us time to stop for important things like photos and lunch...

We made the most of regular photo breaks. They doubled as thaw out stops. Really regretting not bringing my extra warm winter gloves and grip warmers... Oh, well.

The scenery changed rapidly out here. Might have had something to do with the 110 kph limit. It changed from rocky ground to sandy to mallee to rocky to sandy to etc...

The road was dead straight. At one point my GPS showed a perfectly straight North to South line.

Lunch was at Coober Pedy... What a great place... to leave. BJ's bakery put on a great feed but we could not wait to get away from this place. I'm sure it is a nice place if you give it time but the vibe we were getting made us feel very uneasy. Back onto the highway as quick as we could.

Coming into Marla we caught up with a couple of bikes with a ute as support. We followed them into Marla and had a chat. The were off to Alice Springs to watch the Finke. They were amazed at our long range tanks. I was thinking how good it would be to be on their Bigger Triumph with a ute following to carry extra fuel and supplies...

By the time we got a camp site it was 3:15 and we were late, The bar opened at 3:00. Marla is a good setup. There is the 24hr servo, a Post Office, Diner and a bar. Over to the camp site, set up, shower (BEST SHOWERS EVER), quick shop for supplies and post cards and into the bar. Only had a couple and I took advantage of the Bar dude forgetting to take down the sign from the previous night which saw us getting Jack Daniels cans for $5.

Dinner was Chicken Schnitzel with VEGGIES! Needed the veg, felt much better after having fresh food as apposed to the tin stuff we'd been living on.

Back to camp and a chat with Des from Singleton. Des had Hilux that was very well setup. Nice bloke, seemed a bit lonely. His wife was meant to come on the trip but got a work contract at the last minute. Des drank more Port than I'd seen any one drink. I was cringing every time he filled his mug. Heated up a tin of Rice Cream for dessert, cuppa tea and off to bed.

Trent took the snorkel out of the top of his airbox yesterday and it seemed to reduce his fuel consumption. only 1lt difference between the bikes today.

Map worked again

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