Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 8 - Dalhousie Springs to Oodnadatta

Woken early this morning by bloody KTM riders... Joking... They weren't KTM riders this time. A couple of bikes were started early and they were promptly told to "Switch 'em off or fuck off".

Back to sleep for a little bit. There was no rush today. Get up late, have a swim, eat, pack, and mosey on down the road.

Time for a bit of site seeing

Dalhousie ruins. Tough folks these.

Pretty cruisey day today. We rolled into Oodnadatta pretty early. Setup camp in the caravan park. We went and bought some coffee which had us bouncing off the walls in no time. Young Kyle from Leeton setup camp next to us. He had a very well setup Hilux and was off to visit a mate in the Kimberly's. Things were looking pretty bleak. There wasn't a lot to do or look at once the sun started to set and we were looking at an early night. Luckily Trent found some fire wood and a fire was lit. Feeling pretty chuffed that we'd snaffled the wood before the KTM riders that had rolled in when the owner rolled in with a ute full of wood. Oh well, at least we would be warm all night. The KTM guys got a big fire going and were well behaved, even in the morning. They may had restored some faith in the orange steeds yet.

Kyle told us the ring around the moon meant rain within the next 3 days... We hoped he was wrong.

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